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How Much Does It Cost To Get An Alpaca Sheared?

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Understanding the Costs of Alpaca Shearing in 2024

If you're a proud alpaca owner, you understand the importance of regular shearing to keep your fluffy friends comfortable and healthy. As you plan for this essential part of alpaca care, one of the key questions on your mind is likely, "What does it cost to shear an alpaca?"  So, let's break down the costs.

Firstly, every alpaca shearing session incurs a $120 base charge. This fee is designed to cover the essential aspects of the process, including setup, scheduling, and travel expenses. Now, let's delve into the tiered pricing for different numbers of animals:

  • 1-9 Animals: $55 each

  • 10-15 Animals: $50 each

  • 16-30 Animals: $45 each

  • 31-100 Animals: $40 each

  • 100+ is recommended to to reach out for a custom quote

The more alpacas you have, the lower the cost per animal, making it cost-effective, even for larger herds.

Please note that if you contact us for scheduling after May 15, there will be an additional $5 per animal additional charge.

What sets our alpaca shearing service apart is our commitment to quality and communication. Each alpaca is treated to a premier show cut, ensuring they not only feel comfortable but also look their best. We also offer additional options such as barrel cuts, belly shears, and cria tipping according to the needs of your animals. We strive to make scheduling and communication a clear and painless process.

As a bonus, nail trimming is included for free with every alpaca shearing session. This not only saves you time, but ensures that your alpacas walk away from their shearing totally ready to take on the coming months. 

Beyond shearing, Ebel Shearig Services also specializes in camelid tooth trimming, addressing both front teeth and fighting teeth. Front teeth trimming and fighting tooth work are available at $12 per head each.

So, as you plan for the well-being of your alpacas, keep in mind the 2024 pricing structure. It ensures that your alpacas not only receive top-quality professional alpaca shearing services but also enjoy the benefits of additional herd health services without breaking the bank.

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2024 Pricing

Every stop is subject to our $120 base charge. This base charge helps cover the costs and time spent on setup, scheduling, travel, etc. ​ New Client Pricing: 1-9 Animals - $55 each 10-15 Animals - $50


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