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Ebel Shearing Services Alpaca Shearing

An Alpaca Blanket Being Properly Sheared With No Second Cuts

Jeffrey Ebel is a master alpaca shearer based out of Western New York; he and his crew service all of New York State and beyond. Jeffrey has spent fifteen years tenaciously studying different shearing techniques and styles while shearing tens of thousands of alpacas and llamas across 42 States in the U.S. 


Ebel Shearing Services operates with a well-seasoned crew that has a combined 30+ years of experience between them. 

Jeffrey won the North American Alpaca Shearing Competition in both 2018 and 2019 and is honored to be ranked among the best alpaca shearers in the world. He is currently the reigning champion, as the competitions have been suspended for the past few years.

Jeffrey and the whole team aim to serve their clients well from the start to finish of the shearing process, which means quick and painless communication for scheduling, excellent care for the animals, and high-quality shearing in every aspect.


"Our goal is to give the best shearing services we can, along with bringing good character and respect to the business." -Jeffrey

North American Alpaca Shearing Competition Podium

Alpaca shearers who care 


There are many shearers out there who don't focus on

providing a good experience for the animals and their owners.

These shearers only want to show up, shear quickly, and leave.

As long as they get paid, they don't care how everything goes for you. Moreover, many alpaca shearers are incredibly difficult to get ahold of and schedule appointments with.


We have made it our goal to provide a better experience for

you and your animals. Jeff has a background in business

management and customer service; combining those professional skill sets with top-notch camelid shearing produces a unique and painless customer experience.


Whether you have hundreds of alpacas in your herd or you only have a few in your backyard, we would be honored to communicate with you

and get you a spot on our schedule for shearing your alpacas and llamas.   

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