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Professional Alpaca Shearing

Jeffrey Ebel is a master alpaca shearer and alpaca handling expert with more than 14 years of professional alpaca shearing experience shearing over 40,000 alpacas and llamas. Let Jeffrey and his crew bring their alpaca shearing expertise and knowledge to your farm. 

Our mission is to provide a painless scheduling process for you and a low-stress shearing for your alpaca. We pride ourselves in providing the very best alpaca shearing and herd health services on the market today.

How we shear alpacas


Shearing day tends to be a stressful day at the farm. But it doesn't have to be. It's our goal to make your day easy when shearing your alpacas. Shearing is that one big day in your year, but for us, it's every day.

Two-station alpaca shearing

Jeffrey usually works alongside three crew members. Together, they work a "four-man crew" alpaca shearing team – taking care of all the handling of the alpacas. Two members of the crew have the specific job of handling the alpacas and securing them safely to our restraint ropes in preparation for shearing. We work with two stations side-by-side so that as one alpaca is being sheared, another one can be prepared for shearing. This way, we can still operate in a timely fashion while giving the animals all of the care and respect they deserve, causing minimal stress on your animals. 

We gently lay the alpacas on our specialized, padded shearing mats and carefully restrain them for their safety during their shearing.

Each alpaca will only be restrained for an average of 5-10 minutes. Once the shearing process is complete, they will be cleaned and carefully let back up.


Biosecure alpaca shearing – We do our best to disinfect and wash equipment between farms as needed.


Need alpaca nail trimming?

We do FREE nails with shearing and can offer on-site dental work while we're shearing alpacas at your farm. For a complete list of our prices, click here.

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