Professional Alpaca Shearing

Frequently asked questions about our alpaca shearing

Q. Do you shear alpacas in my area?
A. We mostly shear alpacas in the New York State area. Although wherever you may be, we will always try our best to get you on our schedule. We advise that you group with other farms in your area to have us come shear for you. This way it makes scheduling easier and allows us to travel to areas we otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Q. Do you trim alpaca teeth?

A. Yes! Jeffrey has worked on over 8,000 alpaca and llama teeth.

Q. Do you clean equipment between farms?
A. Yes. We disinfect and wash our equipment between farms as often as we can.

Q. Do you use an alpaca shearing table?
A. No, we use custom-made, padded shearing mats. These mats are more efficient for speed and allow us to produce a better blanket quality from your alpaca. They also provide safety and comfort for your animals and everyone's knees.

Q. Where do you get your equipment.

A. My favorite place to shop for alpaca shearing equipment is 

Light Livestock Equipment. Jonathan Capen is the product and sales manager at LLE and he is always very helpful to me.

An alpaca in pasture