Alpaca Shearing Contest

"I love to shear alpacas, as a teenager I always dreamed of running my own alpaca shearing business. I loved to chat with alpaca shearers from Australia when they'd come into town. If you have an alpaca in need of shearing, I'm your guy" -Jeff Ebel

Jeffrey and Alyssa Ebel

Jeffrey and Alyssa Ebel


How I became a world-class alpaca shearer in New York.


Alpacas always interested me as a child, so In 2009 I began shearing and training under John Gunther. I tenaciously studied different shearing techniques and styles. Once I completed my 3-year apprenticeship, I broke off and started my own shearing company, Jeffrey Ebel Shearing Services. Over the last six years, I have sheared over 15,000 alpaca and llamas. I have been trimming alpaca and llama teeth since 2009, and have worked on over 3,000 camelids teeth. My wife, Alyssa, began working with me in 2014. She is my head holder, and she's the best I've ever worked with. When we are not shearing, we reside in Brockport, NY. We love to travel, and we are actively involved with ministries at our local church and in our community. Even on the offseason of shearing, I try to keep up with studying alpaca shearing, herd health, and fiber arts. I believe that this gives me an edge on the competition. Our goal is to give the best shearing services we can, along with bringing good character and respect to the business.

Most recently we competed in the 2018 North American Alpaca Shearing Competition. Alyssa won 1st place in both the Apprentice and Journeyman classes at her first competition ever competing! I won 1st place in the Master class, ranking me as the best alpaca shearer in the United States. Between the two of us, we successfully won every level of the competition.  
We are so thankful to all of our faithful clients and friends who have assisted us in reaching these accolades.


- Jeffrey

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